Sebastian is a unique larger-than-life size statue based on the model Sebastian Sauvé by the young British artist Stuart Sandford. The 8 foot (243 cm) statue is made from bronze but uses state of the art 3D scanning and printing technology, marrying together the ancient and the contemporary in process and concept. Taking its main inspirations from the Greco-Roman depictions of the youth Antinous, the myth of Narcissus and the current obsession with the "selfie"this major work is both an exploration of contemporary representations of the masculine form and a comment on the icon and its place in contemporary culture.

Alongside the finished bronze statue four unique life-size versions made from epoxy resin (in white, black, silver, and gold) are being made available for sale to fund the project. A number of exact replica 20 inch (50 cm) limited edition versions, 5 each cast in painted bronze and polished bronze and 50 6 inch (15 cm) versions cast in marble dust and resin, all of which are produced from the same 3D source material as the full-size statue, will accompany the larger versions, again being made available for sale to help fund the project. A number of internationally recognised artists and creatives are also being asked to contribute to the project by either customising one of the 6 inch statues or making a work inspired by the idea behind the statue. Once completed, the statues and accompanying works will be exhibited both in the UK and internationally.