Stage 1: 3D scanning
The first stage of the project, 3D scanning the model Sebastian Sauvé, took place on the 25th July 2012. Working with London-based specialist 3D scanning company Sample & Hold we’ve created a valuable digital resource using the latest high resolution 3D scanning technology. Sample & Hold have over 10 years experience managing 3D scanning projects and have worked with a number of established artists, major museums and a large number of gaming and film and television production companies. This scan data will be used for the full-size statue as well as both of the smaller replicas.



Stage 2: the digital data

The individual 3D scans are composited together to form what is known in the industry as a "watertight" model, meaning the the model has no gaps and is ready for 3D printing.





Stage 3: 3D printing and moulding

To produce the 6 inch marble dust and resin version, a 3D model is printed using a wax support material and then painted grey to facilitate the casting process.



Stage 4: the limited editions
A mould is made from the 3D print and the 6 inch statues are cast before being hand finished. These editions are available here.



Unique sterling silver version
A unique sterling silver version of the 6 inch statue has been produced using a lost-wax casting process and substituting silver for marble resin and dust. The 20 inch version will be completed in a very similar manner.